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Home Styling Tips for Men

What sets men apart from women when it comes to home styling? The common mindset is that men are more minimalistic, and therefore make choices based on functionality and practicality. They settle for basic necessities and comfort. Despite this seemingly simple taste and sense of fashion, home designs for men don’t have to be bland and boring. According to a Houzz interview on interior designer Nicole Hollis from San Francisco,…

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Three Sources of Great Ideas For your Next Home Design

Our homes are reflections of ourselves, our personalities and dreams. People often ask the question “Where do you live?” after every introduction and exchange of names. For many people, the home plays a vital role in their self-definition. Many people can get attached and emotional about their homes. For some, their homes are extensions – if not representations – of who they are. No matter what the motives are for…

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Five Biggest Mistakes in Decorating the Living Room

The living room is one of the most visited areas in a house, but many people misunderstand how it should be used. Some people use it to host gaterings and group discussions, others use it for playing or working at home, while some merely consider it a placeholder with no intended purpose. As its name implies, the living room should be a life-giving space to the people living in it.…

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Seven More Styling Tips Using Rugs

A few months ago, we featured some do's and don'ts in using area rugs to style your home. I know you cannot have enough of home styling tips, so here are seven more tips to use your rugs in bringing life to your house. Use two rugs of different sizes and harmonious combination. Putting two equally-sized rugs side by side can divide your room in half. Use a large main…

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Putting Life Into Formal Spaces In Your House

Any traditional home may have many rooms with different purposes, and some of them may be a bit formal than others. Most dining rooms, for example, are decorated with regal centerpieces and wooden furniture. While these things can bring elegance to the room, it can also bring down the life and vibrance of the space. Sometimes, it's not practical to remove the whole array of furniture pieces with new and…

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