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Home Styling Tips for Men

What sets men apart from women when it comes to home styling? The common mindset is that men are more minimalistic, and therefore make choices based on functionality and practicality. They settle for basic necessities and comfort. Despite this seemingly simple taste and sense of fashion, home designs for men don’t have to be bland and boring. According to a Houzz interview on interior designer Nicole Hollis from San Francisco,…

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Five Bachelor Pad Styling Tips To Impress Your Visitors

Single men rarely have time to tidy up their homes, unless you're a neat freak (or simply a diamond in the rough!). However, it's really a good investment of time to style up the home especially when you're expecting company. Despite its seemingly no-care vibe, a bachelor pad needs to be cleaned, styled and decorated well -- even if you're the only one living in it. Let these five tips…

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Home Styling For Guys: Three Tips To Personalize Your House

Although the popular notion is for women to dabble in interior decorating and home styling, a lot of guys are already taking interest in styling up their houses. Most men may hide their deepest and darkest feelings, but they can express them through visual elements in the home. If you are a man looking for home styling ideas, here are three tips to personalize your personal space: 1. Take it…

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