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Six Eye-Catching Style Tips For Dark Wood Floors

If you live in a house with dark wood floors, there are two things that will probably sink in your mind. First, the elegance and sophistication of wooden floors will instantly elevate the value of your house. The second -- and probably the most common -- is "How the heck will I decorate a room with a gloomy floor?" While dark wood floors are elegant, they can also suck the…

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Don’t Waste Your Area Rug: Know These Styling Do’s and Dont’s

Decorating your room with an area rug is not as easy as it sounds. Many factors can enhance or destroy the beauty of a rug when it is placed inside a particular room, and these can diminish the value of your newly purchased area rug. Before you set out to look for the area rug of your choice, you need to know these do's and dont's of styling a room…

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