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A Brief History of Rugs and Carpets

Considered as accessories to homes and offices, rugs have a long standing role in our lives as merely the woven pieces of heavy fabric that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. However, what are only seen as aesthetic elements to match your couch actually hold an interesting history that weaves culture and art into itself along with a sense of nationalistic identity that established trade and business between countries.…

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Reopening of Iran-U.S. Trade Relations Could Boost Persian Rug Industry

Heavy restrictions in trading between Iran and the U.S. have halted the import of Persian rugs to America since September 2010. However, things may change after a deal between these two countries and five others pushes through. According to a news release, members of the U.N. Security Council -- most notably the U.S., China, Russia, France, and the U.K. -- are currently in discussions with Iran to settle the nuclear…

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‘Persian Rugs’ by Appendixes: Song About Life

If you're a fan of Persian rugs, you might be interested to hear this newly released track from Portland-based group Appendixes (and no, that's not a typo). The wave-pop trio of Beth Ann, Eric Sabatino and Devin Welch just released their latest album called Fantasy EP, and one of the tracks is entitled "Persian Rugs". The song is a haunting but dynamic tune with powerful drums and strong bass notes.…

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