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What You Need To Know About Rug Damage Due To Bugs And Moths

All bugs have something in common: It is in the larvae stage that this common pest does a significant amount of damage to the fabric of your rug. This is because loose fur and skin from pets may be left in the rugs, and these may serve as food for larvae. Moths are flying scavengers that eat textiles and fabrics. You will know if your house may be harboring pests…

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Removing Furniture Indentations on Rugs and Carpets

Don't you just hate it when you realize that a piece of furniture has left a mark or indentation on one of your most precious rugs? These indentations are usually caused by furniture and decors that have been placed on top of a rug for a long period of time, hence the semi-permanent mark left on the fabric. Martha Stewart featured this tip on what she calls "carpet ghosts", which…

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