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Exquisite Carpets Auctioned by Bruun Rasmussen at Copenhagen on June 10-19

Denmark's premier auction house Bruun Rasmussen is holding an international auction this summer. The event started on June 10, and will be closed on June 19. According to its press release, about 1,300 items will be auctioned off at Copenhagen's Bredgade 33. Aside from works of art, toy collections, photographic art, and antique jewellery, the international auction will also feature a select collection of carpets. The session on carpets will…

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Most Expensive Rugs Ever Sold: Prepare To Be Shocked!

Finding the perfect rug involves not only looking for the right style that fits your room, but also making sure that the price fits your budget. Rugs are available in various shapes and sizes, and also in different price ranges. If you think that piece of rug you saw at the shop was already expensive, prepare to be amazed with these rich and exquisite rugs that have been fetched at…

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