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How To Clean Your Rugs In Time For Fall

Are you ready for fall? The upcoming season is another perfect time for a big house cleanup, and the best excuse to have your rugs cleaned. The low moisture levels during fall enable the carpet to dry faster, safely and thoroughly. Cleaning during fall is like preparing things for the upcoming winter. It might be true that most rugs can endure the cold weather but bringing them indoors and even…

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Carpet Cleaning Survey Results Reveal Industry Standards and Customer Preferences

The rug and carpet cleaning industry has sustained its place in the market, as more people invest on rugs and carpets for their homes and office spaces. Owning a rug requires not only an initial expense to buy it, but also regular maintenance and cleaning expenses. The need to maintain rugs -- especially those with hefty price tags and delicate fabrics -- has led some people to pay extra for…

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This Video Shows How A Professional Rug Cleaning Service Cleans A Persian Rug

Rug experts and manufacturers advise against cleaning your rugs and carpets on your own, especially if you're planning to use water and chemicals. Using the wrong cleaning agents may end up damaging your rug instead of restoring its beauty. That's why sending your rug to a professional cleaning service is the best option. Sure, it may cost you more, but at least you won't end up damaging your rug and…

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Three Most Stubborn Rug Stains and How To Clean Them Up

Nothing can irk a homeowner like a carpet stain. It's a ghastly sight to behold, and letting it stay for long will eventually make it semi-permanent and tough to remove. That's why we recommended in a previous article that rug stains need to be addressed as soon as you discover them. Of course, when it comes to dirtying the carpet, there's no all-encompassing solution for all kinds of stains. The…

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Make Your Own Carpet Cleaning Solution Using This Recipe

Owning a rug may work wonders in the style of your home, but it's important to know how to maintain it. You need to clean the rug regularly, and even send it to a professional rug cleaning company. We at Outrageous rugs have also featured several tips on cleaning a rug by yourself. Here's another great tip that you can use to save money on rug cleaning. Check out this…

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