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Answers to Three Most Common Questions About Rug Care

Taking care of your precious rug can be daunting at times. As soon as you buy the rug and place it in your home, it will probably take you a while before you realize that you need to clean and care for them. Otherwise, you'll end up with either a damaged rug or a filthy one. We at Outrageous Rugs want to help rug owners get the best out of…

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Best Ways To Clean Your Rug According to Fabric Type

Last year, we featured some tips on cleaning rugs without damaging them. We're confident that the tips that we shared could help you prevent rug wear and tear as you clean them. However, there are certain rug fabrics that require special kinds of cleaning. Here are some of the best ways to clean rugs according to the type of fabric or material that they are made of: Wool or Oriental…

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Keep Your Rugs Allergen-Free

One of the greatest misconceptions is that all rugs can cause allergic reactions, most notably asthma. This situation depends on the type of rug that you use in your home, as well as your habit of cleaning these luxurious fabrics. In as much as rug and carpets provide a homey atmosphere to any room, choosing the wrong rug or disregarding rug maintenance could cause your next health problem. The rough…

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Tips On Rug Care and Maintenance

Rug maintenance is one of the considerations that are unfortunately taken for granted. After buying the rug, most people don't care too much about keeping it clean and maintained. If you want your rug to stand the test of time, then you need to take note of our rug maintenance tips. A few months ago, we featured an article on "Tips On Cleaning Rugs Without Damaging Them". This time, let…

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