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Tips on Using Colorful Rugs Inside a White Room

Rugs can do wonders for your home, especially if the rug color perfectly complements your room’s aesthetic. A definite match made in heaven would definitely be a bright or neutral colored rug and a stark white wall. A white room is the perfect blank canvas to bring attention to your room’s flooring. Here are some awesome and effective tips on how to use vibrantly colorful rugs in a white room:…

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Don’t Be Afraid To Use Color In Decorating Your Home

Are you one of those who simply want to stick to using either white or neutral colors to paint your home and base the house’s decoration from it? White can be a good choice most especially if you live in a small house and you would want to give an illusion of a bigger house. However, there are so many shades of colors that you can choose from. Why get…

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Common Reasons For Rug Dye Bleeding

Rugs instantly add elegance to a living room or an office, and most of them give life to a particular space by using colors. However, have you stopped to think about the possibility that dark colors on a rug could invade the lighter ones? Aside from knowing the checklist on proper rug care, you should also become familiar with the common reasons behind rug dye bleeding. Pet residue or stains…

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Classic Color Combinations For Styling Your Home

Finding the perfect color for your home means making sure that every element, accessory or decor must be complementary to your chosen color. However, mixing and matching colors may be a daunting task, especially if you have absolutely no idea where to start. Don't worry, because we've got you covered! Here are classic color combinations that you may use in injecting color to your home: Blue and Yellow Always a…

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Mix and Match Colors In Your Room

Color gives life to any room. Imagine entering a house with everything in white or grey. Doesn't it look sad and depressing? A monotone color is not a good option for any home. Playing around with colors can either make a very boring room into a lively one, or yield disastrous results in terms of aesthetics. If you are planning to put some color into your new home, here are…

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