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Pair Your Leather Furniture With The Correct Rug

Leather lends a sense of grandeur and formality to any room. Using a piece of leather furniture -- may it be a chair or a full-sized sofa -- can lift a dull room into an executive atmosphere. However, the royal elegance of leather furniture makes it difficult to accessorize the room with other pieces. For one, leather pieces look bulky and dominating. Most leather furniture are also dark in color,…

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Contemporary Rug Design: Jean-Philippe Nuel Channels Street Art

Renowned French interior designer Jean-Philippe Nuel has recently released rug designs inspired by graffiti art displayed in Piscine Molitor, an old swimming pool complex that has become a haven for graffiti artists. His latest rug creations are named "Beijing", "Chennai", and "Miami". The modern design rugs are made of polyamide fabric and made use of close to 24 different colors, according to a news release. These rugs were created by…

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