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Debunking Common Myths About Rugs and Carpets

We’re living in an age of free and readily available information, which can spread within hours or even minutes of release. Unfortunately, a lot of information may not necessarily be accurate, and you may end up reading articles that are outright false. Despite the benefits of social media, it may provide false information to the public. From common conspiracy theories to leaked fallacies, wrong information can be a problem to…

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Common Reasons For Rug Dye Bleeding

Rugs instantly add elegance to a living room or an office, and most of them give life to a particular space by using colors. However, have you stopped to think about the possibility that dark colors on a rug could invade the lighter ones? Aside from knowing the checklist on proper rug care, you should also become familiar with the common reasons behind rug dye bleeding. Pet residue or stains…

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Take Care Of Your Area Rug With These Five Maintenance Tips

It's frustrating to discover that your exquisite area rug -- the one that you bought just a few months ago -- is already showing signs of wear and tear. Most of the damage on area rugs is caused by preventable factors. If you want to prolong the life of your area rug, you need to take note of these five simple but effective tips: 1. Put a rug pad underneath…

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Three Important Tips In Washing Rugs At Home

Nothing beats having professional services clean your rugs, but there may come a point in time when you might consider washing a rug yourself. Before you soak your rug in something that you will regret in the future, here are three very important tips that you must remember: Check the rug's care tag Some rugs aren't really meant for wet cleaning, so dousing them in soapy water will probably lead…

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Tips On Rug Care and Maintenance

Rug maintenance is one of the considerations that are unfortunately taken for granted. After buying the rug, most people don't care too much about keeping it clean and maintained. If you want your rug to stand the test of time, then you need to take note of our rug maintenance tips. A few months ago, we featured an article on "Tips On Cleaning Rugs Without Damaging Them". This time, let…

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