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How To Clean Your Rugs In Time For Fall

Are you ready for fall? The upcoming season is another perfect time for a big house cleanup, and the best excuse to have your rugs cleaned. The low moisture levels during fall enable the carpet to dry faster, safely and thoroughly. Cleaning during fall is like preparing things for the upcoming winter. It might be true that most rugs can endure the cold weather but bringing them indoors and even…

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Rugs 101: What Is A Rug Pile?

Rugs not only beautify your place – whether it’s your home or office – but it also has a lot of benefits. In the modern home, you will often see floors adorned with lush rugs and carpets. Using rugs has become identical with luxury and comfort. Having said that, how do you choose a rug? It is important to understand the basics about rugs in order to identify those of…

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Make Your Rug Look New Again With These Tips

Rugs serve a wide range of purposes in our homes. It can dry wet spots, dry shoes and slippers from the outside going inside, and others. There are many ways you can keep your rugs clean and fresh. Here are some tips on maintaining the look of your rugs: 1. For low pile rugs, use a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to simply use the suction to remove dust and…

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Reasons Why Using A Rug Pad Is Important

Rugs can be a lovely addition to the interior style of any home. They serve various purposes and come in many intricate designs. However, rugs are quite an investment and without proper care, they can just tear and wear. Fortunately, rug pads were created for these situations. Not only are rug pads cheap, but they are also durable.  Rug pads are a worthy investment for anyone who wants to live…

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Common Reasons For Rug Dye Bleeding

Rugs instantly add elegance to a living room or an office, and most of them give life to a particular space by using colors. However, have you stopped to think about the possibility that dark colors on a rug could invade the lighter ones? Aside from knowing the checklist on proper rug care, you should also become familiar with the common reasons behind rug dye bleeding. Pet residue or stains…

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