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Make Your Own Homemade Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

We all want to preserve our rugs, but some of us may be taken aback by the high cost of having them cleaned by a professional. If you want to save some money while being able to clean your rugs and carpets, check out this video by "Household Solutions" book series author Reena Nerbas, as she shares her recipe for a homemade carpet cleaning shampoo. Her motivation behind making a…

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Take Care Of Your Area Rug With These Five Maintenance Tips

It's frustrating to discover that your exquisite area rug -- the one that you bought just a few months ago -- is already showing signs of wear and tear. Most of the damage on area rugs is caused by preventable factors. If you want to prolong the life of your area rug, you need to take note of these five simple but effective tips: 1. Put a rug pad underneath…

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Answers to Three Most Common Questions About Rug Care

Taking care of your precious rug can be daunting at times. As soon as you buy the rug and place it in your home, it will probably take you a while before you realize that you need to clean and care for them. Otherwise, you'll end up with either a damaged rug or a filthy one. We at Outrageous Rugs want to help rug owners get the best out of…

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Three Important Tips In Washing Rugs At Home

Nothing beats having professional services clean your rugs, but there may come a point in time when you might consider washing a rug yourself. Before you soak your rug in something that you will regret in the future, here are three very important tips that you must remember: Check the rug's care tag Some rugs aren't really meant for wet cleaning, so dousing them in soapy water will probably lead…

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Need To Haul A Huge Oriental Rug ? Here’s How To Fold It Properly

It's every homeowner's nightmare. You find a great piece of rug at a dealer's shop, and your enthusiasm prompts you to buy one for your home. It's only after buying the new rug and arriving at your house when you realize that you already have an existing Oriental rug -- a large one at that -- and you're wondering how you would store your old, enormous rug or send it…

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