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Is It Possible To Make Rugs Stain-Proof?

In choosing rugs, we have different preferences in terms of size, shape, color, design, material and durability. This might be a good time to consider one more factor into the list: stain resistance. Most carpets are now designed to be stain-resistant, which means they have stain protectors on them already. Rug manufacturers refrain from using the term “stain-proof”, because there is no absolute guarantee that these carpets are 100% stain-resilient.…

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Three Most Stubborn Rug Stains and How To Clean Them Up

Nothing can irk a homeowner like a carpet stain. It's a ghastly sight to behold, and letting it stay for long will eventually make it semi-permanent and tough to remove. That's why we recommended in a previous article that rug stains need to be addressed as soon as you discover them. Of course, when it comes to dirtying the carpet, there's no all-encompassing solution for all kinds of stains. The…

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Removing Furniture Indentations on Rugs and Carpets

Don't you just hate it when you realize that a piece of furniture has left a mark or indentation on one of your most precious rugs? These indentations are usually caused by furniture and decors that have been placed on top of a rug for a long period of time, hence the semi-permanent mark left on the fabric. Martha Stewart featured this tip on what she calls "carpet ghosts", which…

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