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Five Rug Colors That Define Your Mood

Did you know that the color of a room can influence your emotions? Many establishments have tried the approach of using colors to dictate the mood and disposition of their clients. For example, most spa treatment centers are adorned with green interiors to make their clients feel relaxed. The same holds true for rug colors. Choosing a particular color for your rug should be dependent not only on the style…

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Choosing The Perfect Rug To Last A Lifetime

In the same level of complexity that it takes to make a beautiful rug, choosing the perfect one for you can be equally challenging. If you are a first-time buyer, you might get lost in the wide array of rug colors, styles and shapes available in the market. Here is a video featuring last year's Outrageous Rugs contest winner Karine Breed and interior designer Wendy Frampton. In the video, Wendy…

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Stylize Your Home With Rug Buying Tips From An Interior Designer

Just like shopping for clothes, buying a rug for your home is serious business. While looking for your home rugs could be fun for many, it involves a great deal of effort to get the perfect texture for your house. We are happy to have interviewed an interior designer to talk about how to use rugs in beautifying your house. Here is the video of our interview: Check out the…

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