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Seven More Styling Tips Using Rugs

A few months ago, we featured some do's and don'ts in using area rugs to style your home. I know you cannot have enough of home styling tips, so here are seven more tips to use your rugs in bringing life to your house. Use two rugs of different sizes and harmonious combination. Putting two equally-sized rugs side by side can divide your room in half. Use a large main…

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Five Alternative Areas Where You Can Put Rugs (Other Than The Floor)

Want to kick start your creative side? How about putting your rugs to use other than your floors? Yes, you read that right. As beautiful as rugs are on the floors inside your house, you can use them in areas where you don't usually put them. Here are five other possible areas where you can put your rugs: Wall Rectangular rugs look like framed pieces of art, so why not…

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