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How to Clean Delicate Wool Rugs

The most important thing to remember when washing a fine Persian, Turkish or Oriental rug is that it isn’t the same as a carpet. You don’t generally think of your carpet as a member of the family and it definitely isn’t some kind of family heirloom, but finely crafted rugs are a member of the family and can be passed down to the next generation and therefore should be treated…

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Home Lovers Will Love the Festival of Rugs

If you love home decorating and home decor, you'll love the Festival of Rugs at Outrageous Rugs. You can learn all about various international rug types, get free advice and tips for decorating with rugs and see the latest rug trends, the top rug brands and how to get your house and home looking fantastic. This event will be great for homeowners, interior designers, people looking to get a head…

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Festival of Rugs to Have International Flair

Our upcoming Festival of Rugs will have an international element to it. As Outrageous Rugs sells floor coverings from all over the world, it's only fitting that we showcase the various rug types and countries where they come from. At the Festival of Rugs, learn about these types of international rugs and what makes each of them unique: Oriental Rugs Turkish Rugs Persian Rugs Tibetan Silk Rugs Chinese Rugs Nepalese…

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