It’s frustrating to discover that your exquisite area rug — the one that you bought just a few months ago — is already showing signs of wear and tear. Most of the damage on area rugs is caused by preventable factors. If you want to prolong the life of your area rug, you need to take note of these five simple but effective tips:

1. Put a rug pad underneath

This is really a no-brainer, but unfortunately many rug owners fail to comply with this simple tip. The rug pad prevents direct contact of the area rug to the bare floor, allowing it to breathe freely and reducing the risk of getting torn. The material also prevents slipping of the rug.

2. Vacuum regularly

Another oft-missed tip is rug cleaning, most notably vacuuming. A weekly run of the vacuum over the area rug lifts up dirt that may be lodged underneath.

3. Clean spills ASAP

As soon as you discover a spill on the area rug, halt everything that you’re doing and spot clean the spillage. You can also check with professional rug cleaning services to assess more stubborn stains.

4. Rotate the rug annually

As months pass by, foot traffic inside the house may follow a pattern. Rotating the rug prevents it from getting unevenly worn out.

5. Remove the rug from direct sunlight

What good is a colorful area rug is its colors fade after some time? Sunlight is a very strong destroyer of rug pigments, so make it a point to check if your rug is directly exposed to the sun’s rays. Remove it from sunlight or place a shade or curtain against the light.

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