You might be thinking of buying a new cool and kitschy rug for your home to bring a pop of color in your living room, but you’re wary because you know how easily it can shed over time. Worry no more, because we might just have the perfect tips for you. In this article, we’ll give you some techniques on how to prevent excessive rug shedding and how to protect your rugs from damage.

Rugs are the perfect accessories to breathe life in a room and transform it from drab to fab. It adds an element of comfort and luxury. However, some rugs shed easily, especially when you don’t take care of them properly.

Here are some techniques to ensure that your rugs won’t shed too much:

Clean it gently

For starters, vacuum it regularly but lightly. Make sure to put your vacuum in the lightest setting just enough to remove any bits and pieces of trash.

Choose quality instead of price

Purchase only hand-made and high-quality rugs. Check out various makes and materials of a rug and choose what would work best at your home.

Protect the rug base

Use rug pads under the rug to lessen the damage and absorb shock.

Place them away from heavy foot traffic

Place rugs on a place or area where you seldom go. For example, use rugs on a guest room.

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