While not as rich and advanced as other leading fields, the industry of carpets and rugs has sustained itself through word-of-mouth advertising and sheer appreciation of beauty. The volume of rugs sold worldwide may not match those of the sales for smartphones and primary home appliances, but it’s still up to par with industry standards.

I recently came across some interesting stats about rugs and carpets, from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). Here are some of the highlights of the numbers posted in the CRI website. These five facts about the rug industry might surprise you!

1. The state of Georgia is able to supply 45 percent of the rugs and carpets all around the world.

2. Georgia houses nine of the top 20 carpet companies in the country.

3. The city of Dalton in Georgia is home to mills that produce more than 80 percent of carpets and rugs in the U.S. This is the reason why Dalton is hailed as the “Carpet Capital of the World”.

4. Out of the total U.S. market for flooring needs, more than 50 percent is taken by carpets.

5. In Georgia alone, the industry workforce is composed of more than 22,000 employees across close to 200 companies. Estimated payroll is $3 billion.

For more statistics about the rug industry, check out the feature on CRI.

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