We at Outrageous Rugs have been in the business of knowing rugs, understanding them and getting into the details of history and maintenance. However, we cannot claim that we know everything about rugs. In fact, we found a lot of facts and information about rugs and carpets that piqued our interest.

If you want to know something new about rugs, here are five of the most surprising carpet trivia that we found in several online sources. We hope you enjoy learning about rugs and carpets!

1. The most expensive rug ever sold to date was the Clark Sickle-Leaf Kerman Carpet, which was sold via Sotheby’s for $43.8 million!

2. According to the Guinness World Records, the largest carpet woven by hand was made by the Iran Carpet Company and measured 60,546 square feet (as big as a soccer field!).

3. Norooz or Persian New Year is celebrated on March 21 of each year. As part of tradition, many Iranians beat their rugs to prepare for the coming of guests.

4. If you think anyone can clean a rug, you’ll be surprised to know that there is an educational institution called Auserehlian Oriental Cleaning School in Colorado.

5. The term “carpet” comes from a Latin word that means “to pluck”.

If you know more trivia about rugs and carpets, feel free to comment below.

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