Rug experts and manufacturers advise against cleaning your rugs and carpets on your own, especially if you’re planning to use water and chemicals. Using the wrong cleaning agents may end up damaging your rug instead of restoring its beauty. That’s why sending your rug to a professional cleaning service is the best option. Sure, it may cost you more, but at least you won’t end up damaging your rug and having to buy a new one.

If you’re curious as to how a typical rug cleaning process goes, here is a video that shows how a professional rug cleaning company takes care of a Persian rug:

This video was posted by Refined Rug Restoration, a cleaning company based in Orange County. Their rug cleaning process consists of seven steps: pre-inspection, pre-washing/dusting, first stage wash, second stage wash, grooming and drying, fragrance scenting, and final inspection.

Not all rug cleaning companies may be using this cleaning method. Some of them use steam or high-temperature cleaning, while others make use of machine-aided techniques. No matter what rug cleaning company you choose, it’s probably wise to ask them about their cleaning method before giving them your precious rug. That way, you can still do a quick online check if the cleaning technique that they’re using is aligned with standard practices and will not destroy your rug.

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