The relaxing breeze of spring is upon us, and many homeowners find this season the best time to spruce up their houses to make the atmosphere more vibrant. Whenever I think of spring, I’m always reminded of flowers in bloom. Why not use the natural beauty of flowers to change your house style this season?

Here are three ways to use flowers or floral themes in your home, just in time for spring:

Combine floral patterns with flat, plain colors

It’s alright to put a splash of colors in your homes, but it’s best not to overdo it. One technique in using floral patterns is to put them alongside flat and plain colors like gray or white. This style highlights the floral theme while keeping it just right. You may use this scheme in your kitchen or living room.

Use floral fabrics

Spring is probably the only time in the year when you have an excuse to put up flowery curtains, drapes and rugs. Choose curtains that are made of light materials, preferably in white or cream colors with floral patterns on them. This kind of curtain works best in the dining room.

Use the power of white

Not all flowers are created with color. In fact, a few gorgeous flowers such as hydrangeas are white in color, but they look elegant and stylish enough to decorate your house. You may use the stark beauty of white — from the walls and furniture to the decors and flowers — and witness how such a clean color can elevate your home’s class and finesse.

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