There’s so much that you can do in terms of decorating your home, but you can also fall into the trap of overdoing (or underdoing) it. Home styling is an exciting endeavor for any homeowner, although sometimes you may unknowingly use inappropriate or weird-looking styles for your house.

Check out these three common mistakes in decorating your living room. Heads up, because you may be doing some of them in your home now!

Being too safe in terms of color or pattern

With so many styling options to choose from, it’s really easy to overstyle your home. Unfortunately, some people tend to do just the exact opposite: turn their home into a monochromatic (and therefore totally bland and depressing) area. It’s alright to start with beige or white color as your base for floors and walls, but inject colors in furniture or cushions. Just remember not to splash too much color; instead, just make colors a highlight.

Creating more space by pushing everything against the walls

There’s nothing wrong with opening up the space inside a room, but it’s a definite no-no to put all furniture and seating against the walls of the room. Place your sofa or chairs a few inches away from the wall in order to create breathing space. Also, too much space can put too much distance between the people in the room. Give them a more intimate space for conversations.

Being conservative with the rug

Rugs act as central pieces that glue all the pieces in the room together. Putting a teeny-tiny rug at the center of the room defeats this purpose. Remember that the rug is more than merely a piece of cloth to rest your feet on. Make sure that your rug should cover at least the underside of your coffee table and the front legs of your seating furniture.

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