A baby is always a welcome addition to the family, and this bundle of joy deserves to stay in a place where he or she can sleep soundly and grow up well.

One of the most difficult rooms to dress up is the nursery. This room usually strays from the rest of the house in terms of style, so it’s really hard to keep the home style consistent. If you are lost as to decorating and styling up your baby’s room, here are three suggestions that could enhance the nursery:

Consider using neutral colors

Blue is usually chosen for boys and pink for girls. However, if you don’t know the gender of your baby, it might be best to choose a neutral color for the room. Start with white and gray, and work your way to subtle colors of yellow or green.

This color scheme also helps if you’re planning for lots of children, because you don’t need to repaint the entire room just to match your baby’s gender.

Pick classic patterns

It’s tempting to use the latest trends to style the room, but classics are your safest option. You may choose from classic prints such as stripes, polka dots or geometric shapes on the room’s curtains and rugs.

Inject art into the room

Fuel your baby’s creativity by adorning the room with art pieces and images. Hang a huge but simple painting on the wall, or paint the wall with abstract or playful imagery. You may also opt to place rugs with more adventurous patterns or unique prints.

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