Antique carpets bring class and royalty to a room, but it can also bring in harm and sickness if not properly maintained. Most old rugs and carpets — especially those that have not been cleaned for a while — may be breeding things that you don’t want to live with.

Here are three of the most disgusting organisms that may already be taking up residence in your rug:

Dust mite

This bug is commonly found in ucleaned areas where people usually stay. That’s because dust mites like to feed on dead skin cells that humans normally shed off during the day. The dead skin cells usually fall on the floor, particularly in dust-loving carpets and rugs. Dust mites can trigger asthma through allergens found in their stool.


E.coli and salmonella are not nice-sounding names, and these bacteria are not going to help your health either. These organisms are naturally found in the natural environment, but most commonly in uncleaned surfaces. One study discovered roughly 200 thousand bacteria per square inch of carpet. Meanwhile, another study found out that one of the primary culprits of bacteria in rugs is pet vomit.


Failure to clean up spills in your rug may lead to dampness under the surface, which is a good breeeding ground for molds. Growth of indoor molds emits a characteristic wet rag smell and carries a higher risk of infection and allergic reaction. This also destroys the fabric of the rug where it is growing.


If you don’t want any of these harmful organisms to stay in your house, cleaning your rugs regularly is your best line of defense.

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  1. Thank you for this important information, now I know what are the bacteria’s, etc. that is possibly in my carpet or rug. We should clean our carpets or rug regularly to avoid this disgusting organism and avoid any harm into our body.

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