The dining room is one of the most basic areas of the house, but it doesn’t have to look basic. As much as you can style up your living room or bedroom pretty much any way you want, decorating the dining room also involves some degree of artistry, creativity, and boldness.

If you’re bored with the existing look of your dining room, here are three style upgrades that you can use for this communal area of the house, based on recommendations from

Chairs in different shapes and forms

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People living in the same house may have different personalities and varied preferences, so why not celebrate the differences through dining chairs? Nobody said that dining chairs should be the same, although this would be an obvious and easy choice.

Try experimenting on different kinds of chairs of all colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Mix plastic chairs with wooden seats, or stark black chairs with bright red ones.

Having an eclectic array of chairs gives an impression of creativity and fun.

Wall paint in a vivid color

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Sometimes, a change in wall color can drastically change the mood and style of a room. Instead of relying on the standard wall colors, try something exciting, say deep red or turquoise.

Once you’ve chosen a bold color for the dining room walls, accentuate the room with decorations and dining table pieces that match the wall color. This will create a cohesive look in the room.

Unique rug design

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Just like a perfectly chosen wall color, a good rug can uplift the style in the dining room at once. Choose a rug design or pattern that reflects your personality. Rugs come in a wide variety of designs, some in traditional ancient prints and others in modern colorful styles.

If you choose a rug with a somewhat busy design, make the rest of the dining room neutral in color. That way, the rug becomes the centerpiece.

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