You’ve probably read about styling tips and design rules, and you think you’re bound to follow them in order to achieve a perfect look for your home. Of course, as years go by, these so-called rules and trends may change and be replaced by something entirely different. As the home owner, you have the power to not only disregard design rules, but to break them if the need arises.

Let me list three of the most famous home design tips, and how you can defy them to suit your needs:

Tip To Defy #1: Use light colors for small rooms

Small areas such as a home office or a reading room may look bigger if you use white or light colors. However, if it’s not in your personality to use these colors, you can always follow your own color preference.

Tip Change:

For the walls, use deep neutral colors such as dark gray, and add decorations in exciting colors. You can even use a brightly colored rug as an accent. The play in colors can actually make the room look bigger.

Tip To Defy #2: Design your bedroom with balance and serenity

While this tip can really help you sleep faster, it makes for a pretty boring bedroom. Give the bed the sole objective of putting you to sleep, and use the other decors to liven up the room.

Tip Change:

Go asymmetrical if you want! Don’t be afraid to add furniture in different themes and colors.

Tip To Defy #3: Keep the colors in a room consistent

You don’t have to play color matchmaker to your furniture, seating, and decorations to achieve consistency in the room. You can still use varying colors and still create a sense of unity between the items.

Tip Change:

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. You can use a red sofa with a blue Oriental rug, or even to the extent of using dining chairs in different colors.

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