Styling your home is already a difficult chore by itself, but imagine if you only had two dark and brooding colors to work with: black and brown. It might seem impossible to make a room come alive with these two dreary colors, but with the right mindset and artsy flair, everything’s possible!

Here are three ingenious ways to use black and brown as base colors in your next home styling session:

Use black as a background color

Putting any color in front of a black wall creates drama in the room. Black is a mysterious color that can add depth and contrast in your house, if you use it correctly. Here’s one useful tip: If you have a stark black wall, put a single piece of hanging furniture or decoration on it. This one-piece statement will definitely grab the attention of your visitors.

Use brown to tone down the other colors

The color brown reminds you of earth, doesn’t it? Brown has an innate ability to bring all the other colors in the room to something tamer and more down to earth. Even if you place a vibrant piece of rug on the floor, putting it under a brown sofa will temper the excitement down a notch.

Using black and brown together brings nature into your house

Whether you’re placing brown furniture on a black surface or a black rug on brown flooring, these two colors will always call the essence of nature into the room. You can accentuate the black-brown combo with white or grey accessories to make every piece in the room more cohesive.

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