Are you running empty on ideas to spruce up your home? It’s time to borrow some tips from one of the best-dressed places anywhere in the world: hotels and inns. Wherever you go, hotels — well, most of them — are designed with impeccable styles and interiors. While some of the hotel styles are too grand for home use, we can still take a few ideas from these stylish abodes.

Here are three tips taken from hotels that you can implement in your own house:

Use cushions and throw pillows

Hotels like to use cushions to exude a touch of comfort. You can put an additional dose of comfort to your living room by putting throws on your sofa.

Use regal colors

If you feel like the colors inside your home are dull and drab, splash some royalty in it. Blue and gold highlights can instantly boost the elegance of your home, just like they do a hotel. One of the trends for home styles in 2015 is to use metallic colors like gold and copper, both of which can amp up the sense of sophistication in your house.

Add layers to your bedroom

Don’t you love hotel beds lined with three or more layers of sheets? Why not do that in your bedroom as well? Sure, it will lead you to more laundry items in the future, but having a multi-layered bed will give you a more luxurious sleep.

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