Most rugs come in various colors that add energy and vibrancy to the room. Unfortunately, the exquisite colors of rugs won’t last if you don’t treat them properly or miss out on rug maintenance.

Exposing your rug to the wrong environment or condition may lead them to appear discolored or faded. Here are three of the most common kinds of rug discoloration and the corresponding methods of restoring the color back to its original state:


Common causes: Absence of natural light, lack of ventilation, exposure to moisture

Root cause: Evaporation of the chemical butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) present in rug pads and adhesives

Treatment: Prepare a solution of citric acid, and spray it over the discolored area. Brush the rug fibers to distribute the solution through the entire area.


Common cause: Exposure to high foot traffic

Root cause: Abrasion and soiling

Treatment: Vacuum the grayed out area to remove dirt that may have become embedded into the fibers. Some carpet cleaning solutions are available in the market to restore rugs exposed to high foot traffic. To prevent it from getting discolored again, you may place a runner on top of the rug.


Common cause: Not cleaning the rug regularly

Root cause: Presence of cellulosic fibers in rug backing

Treatment: Spray acetic acid onto the brown spot. Have the rug sent to professional cleaners on a more frequent basis.

[ Photo from Diego da Silva via Flickr ]

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