Are you ready for Thanksgiving? By this time, you’ve probably listed the ingredients for your turkey feast or your delectable desserts. But have you stopped to think about how your home will look during that day?

Food and fun may be your reason for Thanksgiving, but you shouldn’t forget home styling! You’re bound to welcome more guests than any other day of the year on this particular day, so it’s probably a good idea to start shaping up your home days before.

Here are some quick and easy home styling ideas in time for Thanksgiving:

Infuse nature

You don’t have to go all spic-and-span inside your home. Why not incorporate some elements of nature in your decorations? It could be as easy as sprinkling a few autumn leaves in a corner of your house, or as grand as changing your area rug color to complement the natural colors of fall.

Go basic

Thanksgiving may sound grandiose and daunting, but you can go easy on yourself! Why not do things differently this year, by keeping things simple? Start with basic white plates (or some china, if you prefer), clear glasses, white table cloths, and simple silverware. Let the turkey and your Thanksgiving dinner dishes become the star of the dining table.

Set up an outdoor staging area

While waiting for the turkey to cook thoroughly, let your guests wait in a comfortable space outside your house. You may set up a few chairs and tables by the lawn, or even arrange for a short outdoor game. Make sure that you decorate your outdoors — the lawn and the front porch — to keep the atmosphere festive and in tune with Thanksgiving.

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