Another new season is upon us, giving us a perfect excuse to change up the style in our homes. Fall is best known for autumn colors of browns and oranges, but you can always go out of this traditional style.

Instead of focusing on visual beauty, let us try using the temperature of this season as a basis for our next home design project. Although fall isn’t as cold as winter, the autumn breeze may be too chilly for some people. In this light, check out these three tips on how to warm up your home during this season, even if you don’t turn on the heater or hide under your thick bed sheets:

Use colors that remind you of warmth

First off, avoid decorating your house with blue or grey colors because these tend to give an impression that the room is cold. Instead, use more exciting color palettes of reds, oranges, and ambers.

Add texture layers

An illusion of layers gives the room a sense of coziness and warmth, much like the sheets on a warm bed. Use bulky and fluffy items in your living room, say a thick throw on the sofa or a shag rug. You may also hang a knitted sweater somewhere in the room.

Speaking of rugs, you may also use ancient Persian rugs to exude the warm atmosphere of the rug’s origins. Try to cover up cold tiled flooring in the kitchen and bathroom with rugs.

Smell the warmth

Whenever our noses pick up scents that remind us of home, we instantly feel cozy and warm. You may use scented candles to do the trick. Try to pick scents that feel close to home — cinnamon, sandalwood, or even apples. The vision of a lighted candle will also provide a visual sense of warmth.

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