Dry carpet cleaning is one of the most popular ways to have your rugs professionally cleaned. The evolution of dry cleaning goes back to the time when people had a difficult time cleaning carpets without destroying the fabric. Past cleaning methods were poorly misunderstood, but the rise in professional carpet cleaning services has changed the way we think of rug maintenance.

If you are skeptical about the process of dry carpet cleaning — or if you are looking for more information about this type of cleaning — here are three important things that you need to know about dry cleaning rugs and carpets:

1. Dry cleaning involves liquids

The term “dry cleaning” is something of a misnomer, basing on the fact that the carpet is exposed to liquid substances. To be more accurate about it, this type of cleaning should be called “very low moisture cleaning”, but I guess that’s quite a mouthful! Some professional dry cleaners use only less than a teaspoon of liquid per square foot of carpet surface, so you can really expect the rug to be dry in no time.

Dry cleaning makes use of dry substances that are activated in liquid cleaning solutions. What makes dry cleaning great is the ultra-fast drying time and lower physical exertion.

2. Dry cleaning reduces likelihood of trapped moisture

Most carpets are made of three layers: the soft woolly fabric that you see on top, the backing of the carpet, and the padding. Wet cleaning or steam cleaning methods may be able to evaporate water on the top fabric, but there’s a big chance that the layers underneath will trap moisture. This is bad for your rug’s life, as moisture is a good breeding ground for bacteria and molds.

In contrast, entry of moisture is controlled in dry cleaning methods, thereby decreasing the risk of water from being trapped in the underlayers of your rug.

3. Some dry cleaning chemicals may be harsh to the carpet or to your health

Make sure to check the reputation and service quality of the cleaning service that you are planning to send your rug to, because some of them may be using excessively harsh cleaning chemicals that could destroy your rug. Meanwhile, some chemicals emit strong odors that may harm your respiratory health. The best way to prevent this from happening is to research about the professional cleaning company and ask about their dry cleaning chemicals.

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