Of the various parts of your house, the stairway is probably something that you don’t easily think about when you want to improve the style of your home. However, dismissing the importance of the stairway and staircase could prove to be detrimental if your guests need to go upstairs and find this area bland and unkempt.

If you’re confused as to how to improve the look of your stairway to make it more appealing, here are three ways to upscale your flight of stairs:

Decorate the sides of the staircase steps

You can make use of the unused spaces on the stair steps by putting decorations (or anything, really). You can put light lanterns that you can light up during the evenings. You can also use the space to put your books and make the steps an extension of your bookcase. The possibilities are endless, but you just have to be careful what you place on these areas because someone might trip over them and fall!

Style up the stair risers

The surface of the staircase that you see on a horizontal perspective is the stair riser, and it’s usually drab. Put some life into the stair risers by painting them in a different color or place wallpaper sheets on them. Here’s another great idea: Paste your pictures on the risers. This will make the staircase a talking point when visitors come by to your place.

Use a stair runner

If you are fond of putting rugs on several areas of your house, your staircase could use a stair runner. This piece of decoration provides a splash of design and color to an otherwise dull-colored steps. The stair runner also creates a link between the ground floor and the area upstairs.

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