It’s easy to go overboard in decorating your house and arranging furniture inside. Even if you start from scratch with an empty room, you will later find yourself cramming too much stuff inside the room and having a difficult time rearranging them.

Here are some tips on how to improve the arrangement of furniture and fixtures of the rooms in your home:

Prioritize function over fashion.

Remember that each room has a purpose, so your furniture must reflect the overall use of the room. Don’t put deer antlers hanging on the walls of your kids playroom, or an antique lamp in a room that already has natural lighting.

Create a centerpiece in every room.

While it’s tempting to adorn a room with chandeliers and figurines, try to pick a central piece that will draw attention. That way, anyone who enters the room has something to focus on instead of being distracted by too many things. You can even use a rug as a room’s centerpiece if you want.

Consider foot traffic.

Aside from making your home space more relaxing, putting sufficient space for walking allows for a safer home stay. Avoid blocking doorways with large furniture. You can also choose to put rugs on the floor to guide the people on where to walk on.

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