Learning the proper way to wash bathroom rugs will help get them cleaned without damaging them. Rugs need regular washing as they are used in the bathroom and may accumulate moisture, hair, and misfires.

Although they have a rubber backing and are generally safe to use, you cannot just throw them in the machine and expect them to last.

Here are some of the best and most effective tips to care for your bathroom rugs to make them last longer than you would expect them to:

Check the care label

Most rugs are machine-washable but it pays to see if there are any special instructions such as “air-dry only”.

Shake the rugs outdoor

If possible, shake your rug outside to remove as much hair as possible.

Two at a time

To maintain the balance of your washing machine, add two bath rugs at a time. If you do not have enough, add towels for balance.

Air dry when necessary

To maintain their rubber backing and adhesives, air dry your bathroom rugs for best results. The sun can also help sanitize your rugs. If that is not possible, dry them out in the shortest possible time.

Use the right products

Using bleach white on bathroom rugs is not recommended. Bleaching the rug can damage the rubber backing and destroy the rug. Vinegar is also not recommended as it can corrode the rubber backing.

For stains, use oxygenated bleach combined with your regular detergent. For mold and mildew spores, use half a cup of borax as disinfectant.

Use cold water to wash

Cold washing your rug can help maintain its form. Hot water will loosen the glue holding the rug fiber to the rubber backing.


The frequency of washing the rug will depend on the cleanliness of your family. For toilet-trained kids, once-a-week washing is recommended. Washing once a month may not be enough.

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