Fleas and dust mites are blood sucking parasites that can be found in pets throughout the year.  These critters usually thrive during the warm season. As a result, you will likely find your carpets, rugs, curtains, beddings, mattresses and furniture infested by these creatures.

Having them in your rug is like experiencing a nightmare come to life, especially when you start to itch and scratch. Imagine the discomfort and anxiety! It is therefore important to regularly clean your rugs to remove dusts and eggs that may be deposited under the rug fibers.

The moment you discover pest infestation, you should immediately clean and disinfect your rug. These things can be persistent and may cause skin allergies if not addressed as soon as possible.

If you have problems with fleas and dust mites, here are some effective ways to take them off your rug:

  • A vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter is very efficient in picking up fleas, dust mites, and their eggs. Vacuum your rugs and carpets at least twice a week to reduce the existence of these disgusting critters.
  • You will need to steam clean your carpet. The hot water used in cleaning will help destroy the propagation of fleas and mites. There are also cleaning solutions with added anti-dust mite chemicals that can be incorporated to the hot water.
  • Places with high humidity are perfect breeding places for dust mites. In this case, installing a dehumidifier in the room is a brilliant idea.
  • Ensure that your pets are clean and healthy to avoid flea infestation inside the house. Quarantine your pets, and bathe them with anti-flea solution to get rid of the parasites.

Remember that cleaning your rugs regularly helps you achieve a clean home that is not only comfortable to live in but also promotes good health and well-being.

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