One of the best ways to spend Sunday afternoons is to curl up at home and get lost in a good book. If this is the case, why not make a reading nook at home where you can dive into pages upon pages of your favorite novel? Here are some tips on designing reading nooks perfect for bookworms.

First Things First

Whether creating a reading nook for you or your kids, these reading spots are easy to set up. You simply need a windowsill, loft space and a well-lit space to make the reading experience a lot cozier.

Amp up the cozy factor

When setting up cozy reading spots, add some comfy seats and throw pillows. When choosing a space, make sure that it is filled with natural light to make it even cozier.

Turn unused spaces into reading areas

Use loft space or mezzanine space near the windowsill to set up your reading nooks. You may add drapes and soft lighting to create a nook that is perfect for reading stories for your kids.

Use your creative juices to spruce up the reading area

Get a splash and pop of color to make your reading nooks more creative and artistic. Unleash your creative side by inviting more elements to your reading spot.

Self-confessed bookworms will probably want to stay at home and get immersed in their favorite books while drinking a cup of coffee. Let us know more on your reading nook design tips by sharing us your favorite space.

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