Using neutral colors for your home is both chic and nifty. Beige used to be a popular style in the ‘90s before gray took over its place, but some 21st century designers are reviving beige-based neutrals by giving it a new character.

Some people may equate the color beige to something plain and dull, but this earth-toned color can actually become very versatile. Beige comes in many hues; it can run from light brown, to off-white, to creamy. Anything with a yellow or pink undertone may also be considered beige.

In recent times, beige has been redefined with new sophisticated names such as chamois, ecru, oatmeal, ivory, straw, flax, sand, buttermilk, vanilla, almond, biscuit, camel, string, café au lait, and dune.

The reason why it was a champion to designers and homeowners back then is that the scheme is very pleasing to the eyes and soothing to the senses.  It still is, and it offers the perfect back drop for any home design. Here are some amazing ways to turn a calm color into something spectacular for your home design:

1. Create a contrast and invite bright and bold colors in.

2. Beige works well with browns. Try to create a contrasting tone by using several shades of browns.

3. Pairing beige with blue can give your home interior a lavish feel.

4. Use it with warm white to create a nice backdrop.

5. You can create a modern look by adding black and white color schemes.

6. You might want to try color blocking. It simply means combining beige with other neutral colors to create a contemporary look.

7. Team it with glossy and matte furnishings to bring out textural contrast.

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