Rugs can do wonders for your home, especially if the rug color perfectly complements your room’s aesthetic. A definite match made in heaven would definitely be a bright or neutral colored rug and a stark white wall.

A white room is the perfect blank canvas to bring attention to your room’s flooring. Here are some awesome and effective tips on how to use vibrantly colorful rugs in a white room:


If you are one who loves having color in your room, a great tip is to have an off-white wall color in order to slightly mute your rug’s rainbow design.

Black and White

More than just an idiomatic expression, black and white colors are considered the greatest contrast of all time. The natural contrast just throws on a blanket of chic onto a room that is effortless and eye-catching.

For a trendy look, use a black and white rug with a geometric pattern to create a great visual effect on your floor.

Gray and White

This is quite possibly the classiest and most elegant color combination there is. Unlike black, using gray with white will result in less contrast and will ultimately make your room look bigger. Use a cool gray and white rug in a big theme that will tie the room together.


Yellow can be a make-or-break color, but you may treat it as the bold accent in your room. You can go as bold with your yellow as you want, and then go for a cool-toned white to create balance so as not to completely overwhelm the room interior.

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