Let’s be honest: we all want to update our home design every year. Practically all homeowners want to come home to a place where their creative spirits are at ease even after a long and grueling day at work.

If you are looking into home design inspirations to update the look of your home, it may be a good idea to try injecting splashes of bold colors and print to mimic the romantic Mediterranean style. In this article, we’ll help you make your home instantly Mediterranean with these key pieces of advice to keep your home a sanctuary for your creative soul.

A splash of bold hues can turn your home design from drab to fab. Mixing up bold prints on a wall can instantly perk up your entire room and update your home look. If you want to infuse Mediterranean design in your home style, here are some of our tried and tested tips to make any room into an on-the-spot ooh-la-la:

  • Make color the central theme of your home when going for Mediterranean design. Bring in different shades and hues of blue, red, black and green to make the colors and shades pop. The easiest way to introduce more color into the room is to add colorful Mediterranean rugs.
  • Vivid home prints and designs can make your room fabulously creative.
  • If you choose a DIY design, print some posters of Mediterranean style from the internet. Color it and post it in your wall to unleash your creative side.
  • Introduce different layers of texture when using Mediterranean style in your home, from rough to smooth, psychedelic to simple, and bold to neutral.

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