One of the most frustrating situations in acquiring a home involves cramped spaces. Once you discover that your bedroom is too small for your taste, you may end up either having an uncomfortable sleep or resorting to sleep in the living room. In other words, a small bedroom might seem like the end of the world for some people.

Interior designers and house decorators beg to differ, though. Experts say that if you choose the right furnishings and design, you can spruce up a rather limited space into a cozy and comfy place to stay. Here are some tips to make a small bedroom look bigger:


Use white or any light color as the main theme. While the main color stays clean, you can liven up the place with a few brightly colored items — perhaps an orange pillow, a red chair, or a vibrant shag rug.


Try the minimalist route. Aside from using whites, limit your furniture and fixtures to a minimum. The open spaces in the bedroom will allow your eyes to breathe, resulting in a more relaxed and less claustrophobic feeling.


Place a big mirror on the walls. The reflection on the mirror creates an illusion that the room is twice as big.


Open your window view. Avoid placing curtains to cover your windows, unless you install a curtain that you can just roll up or tuck in. Don’t block the windows with large furniture.

Cabinets and Shelves

Use built-in cabinets and shelves as much as you can. Making decors and furniture a part of the bedroom walls gives an illusion that you have ample space for other things.

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