Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to wax romantic and express your love to people inside your home. It also provides the best excuse to redecorate your home and turn it into a place of romance for the occasion.

If you are planning to spruce up your house with loads of love and romance, here are three tips to turn your home into a Valentine’s Day haven:

Use red as centerpieces and room highlights

rose-centerpiece Rugs San Diego

Roses remind people of love and Valentine’s Day, and that’s why it’s perfect as a table centerpiece for the occasion. If you find roses too expensive or wasteful, you may opt for artificial flowers or red-colored decorations. This is probably the only time that you can take out the red carpet that you intended to use for special occasions like this!

Put heart-shaped items around the house

heart-shaped-bowl Rugs San Diego

I’ve seen heart-shaped rugs and pillows, but you can go ballistic and experiment. How about a heart-shaped set of cocktail plates or wall frames? The possibilities are endless!

Infuse romantic aromas

scented-candles Rugs San Diego

Use the sense of smell to evoke love in your home by using scented decors. You may use scented log candles, aromatic centerpieces or floral air fresheners.

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