Thanksgiving seems to be everyone’s favorite holiday. Aside from possibly a few days off from work, you find yourself in the company of your favorite people in the whole world.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves and our home dressed up for the occasion when Thanksgiving rolls in. It is usually the time when the finest cutleries and decorations find their way out of our cabinet and into full display. In this article, we will share some tips in designing your home for Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate and it is high time to light up the candlesticks, polish the silverware, and prepare those embroidered napkins. This occasion happens only once a year but many people take time to plan it through.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we have compiled some incredible design inspirations and tips. Here are some of them:

– Go for an embellished mantel to add sophistication in your dining room. If you don’t have embellished mantels, you may go for intricately designed table cloths that will go well with your silverware and candlesticks.

– Adorn the room with contemporary and traditional designs. Mix it up for a zestier vibe.

– Make Thanksgiving more romantic by ditching the candlesticks, and instead using small scented candles for a softer glow. Set the mood into romance with tea light candles floating in a water bowl or simply perched in a silver flat ware.

– Make it extra special by adding a wreath in your home that speaks volumes about your aesthetics.

– Inject Thanksgiving magic by incorporating whimsical accents ala Beauty and the Beast. You can make it au naturel by making nature as your room’s theme.

Aside from the traditional turkey served in Thanksgiving, these tips should be able to help you whip up a unique Thanksgiving design for your home this year.

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