Who says black and white are drab colors? With the right styling, accessories and imagination, you can turn these seemingly dull colors into elegant splashes of style to your house. Here are some great ideas in using black and white colors to decorate your house:

Use white as base color and black for highlights

Using the colors in reverse will make your house look too dark or gloomy. White is the most basic — and probably the cleanest — color that you can use inside your home. Start by painting your walls white, and complement them with black furniture.

Look for vintage furniture sets

These two basic colors can remind you of the classy 40’s, and you can use this to your advantage. Try to search your neighborhood antique store for white vintage jars and frames. White ceramic accessories can instantly turn up the glamour inside your house.

Adorn your floor with a black and white rug

A great-looking rug can create the extra oomph that you need in your black-and-white room. Although you will have to stick to the same color combination, look for rugs that have floral or wavy patterns. The decorative rug will inject a dose of excitement to the room.

Hang monochrome art frames on your walls

Wall art — no matter how little the colors are — can add style to your house. Choose a few frames with interesting patterns and splashes of monochromatic colors. Even if the room is simplistic in color, the framed wall art can become a talking point for your guests.

Use animal prints sparingly

You may be tempted to use zebra or leopard prints on your furniture. Don’t go overboard with adding style to your limited color palette. Remember that you want the colors to exude a minimalistic but elegant home interior, not a screaming cornucopia of styles looking for attention.

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