Aside from colors, the proper use of textures can liven up the atmosphere in your home. Using varied textures in your house is similar to preparing a decadent dessert such as choco lava cake a la mode — oozing hot chocolate topped with ice cream, and soft cake paired with liquid chocolate goodness.

Choosing the right kinds of texture to accessorize your home is a very big decision all by itself. To help you mix and match, here are our recommendations in using texture combinations for your house:

Follow a consistent shape or pattern

If your rug has geometric patterns, use similar shapes in your furniture and curtains. Swirl patterns on a rug may be complemented by an abstractly curved chandelier. A consistent shape or pattern ties all of the decors and style elements in the room together.

Assign clutter areas

You don’t want your dining table to look convoluted with so many glassware and table decors, do you? if you have a small table, keep it clean and clear of clutter. Use a separate table or cabinet to place your bar service needs. The same principle may be applied to other areas of the house: living room coffee table, work desk, and others.

Use home accessories with unique textures

Experimenting with decors is the best way to start styling your home, and you can start by putting unique or uncommon materials. For example, you may use a wicker basket as your laundry hamper or abaca rugs for your living room. Rugs with unique textures are not only beautiful to look at, but your pets will also love to rest on them! [Speaking of which, check out the entries in our ongoing Pet Photo Contest!]

Put mirrors or glossy surfaces

Shiny things make a room more elegant and royal. You can put a large mirror on a blank wall or hang artworks in glossy frames.

Add layers to your bed

Do you love how hotels arrange the bed? You can see layers of sheets and linens on the cushion, making it sophisticated and luxurious. You can copy that in your own bedroom to give it an extra notch of elegance.

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