All bugs have something in common: It is in the larvae stage that this common pest does a significant amount of damage to the fabric of your rug. This is because loose fur and skin from pets may be left in the rugs, and these may serve as food for larvae.

Moths are flying scavengers that eat textiles and fabrics. You will know if your house may be harboring pests if you see a lot of adult moths flying around. To be strict about it, the adult moth cannot damage our textile, but it’s the larvae they lay that feed on the rugs. The adult moth will always lay its eggs somewhere that provides for their food, and rugs give them what they need.

Some people are already familiar with pets that occasionally pee on the floor and rug. Pet urine may damage the color and fabric of the rug if not cleaned immediately, because moths love to feed on the nutrients in the urine.

The best way to rid of moths and bugs is to keep your surroundings clean at all times. Frequent dry cleaning, washing and regular vacuuming can stretch the life of your rugs. Don’t just clean the visible parts of the rug, but check the hidden areas under the sofa and the rest of the furniture as well.

Another way to eliminate infestation is to call the professionals. First, seek the services of a pest control specialist to treat the rugs. Next, ask the rug specialist to give your rug a professional wash.

In addition, the best way to control rug damage is to know more about the enemy.  Bugs, beetle and moths thrive on dirty rugs, and so the most effective strategy that you can do is put cleanliness at the top of your list.

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