Many countries have a fine tradition of rug making, but only one has the best rugs in the whole world.

Is it:

Iran, which produces Persian rugs?

These rugs have been woven since ancient times and to this day Iran exports millions of carpets around the world every year because of the high demand for them. Rugs are one of Iran’s top exports.


These hand knotted rugs have been adorning homes and buildings of high importance all over the world since medieval times.


Often considered the center of Arab rug weaving, Egypt has been producing rugs since ancient times. The most famous Arabian rug, of course, is Aladdin’s flying carpet.


The famous Seljuk and Ottoman Court rugs are two well-known types of rugs produced in Turkey. Rugs have been produced in the area of modern day Turkey for centuries by the nomadic people who have called it their home.


Rugs produced here have been used in monasteries for thousands of years.

Or do the best rugs come from:

– Nepal?

– China?

– Mexico?

– India?

– Morocco?

Where do you think the best rugs in the world come from? To learn about rugs from these various countries and see examples for yourself, head on down to the Festival of Rugs at Outrageous Rugs.

Bring your friends and family and let the debate begin about where the world’s most beautiful rugs are produced. While you’re discussing it, have drinks and snacks on us and listen to the live band.

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Come on out and let’s solve this once and for all.

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