In choosing the right accessory for your home, every detail must be scrutinized. From curtains and furniture to wall and shelf adornments, the possibilities of what your home will look like in the long run will be endless.

One of the most ideal focal points when it comes to room decorations is choosing the right rug for your home. Rugs act as a welcome wagon for your room, a piece of art for your floor.

Hand-knotted rugs are thought to be one of the most unique works of art. Compared to company manufactured rugs with standard designs, hand knotted rugs boast of one-of-a-kind designs that serve as a great starting point for your room.

Aside from design, here are some more ways that show how hand-knotted rugs are more beneficial than machine manufactured ones.


Hand-knotted rugs are very durable. Compared to machine-made rugs, hand-knotted rugs do not contain glue or any other type of adhesive. Instead, they are looped from one adjacent knot to another. They can withstand any element and will not smell like decay in the long run.


While other rugs depreciate over time, hand-knotted rugs increase in value. Only a limited number of skilled rug weavers still religiously practice the craft, making hand-knotted rugs rare and quite difficult to come by. Considered a “dying art form”, hand-knotted rugs are comprised of the most detailed craftsmanship.


Lastly, hand-knotted rugs are organic and do not contain chemicals or synthetic fabrics that could potentially harm you or your family. Most machine-manufactured rugs produce toxins that could prompt allergies and potential skin reactions.

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